Giáo trình 30 Topics for English conversation

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    This publication helps not only students, but also teachers of English language as it offers additional vocabulary for 30 various topics, additional questions which should encourage also your shy students to talk not only individually, but also in pairs or even in groups. It includes also more than 70 interesting and funny illustrations.
    This book consist of the lists of vocabulary and Czech translations, but it does not mean that it is ment for only Czech and Slovak students and teachers, because you can translate those words you need into your language by yourself.
    Questions are written in English.
    List of topics:
    1. Family
    2. Human relations
    3. Partnership problems
    4. Children
    5. Daily routine
    6. Free time
    7. Holiday
    8. Travel
    9. Traffic and driving
    10. Town and sights
    11. Job
    12. money
    13. Shopping
    14. Clothes and Fashion
    15. Food and Drinks
    16. ****ing and Eating
    17. Home
    18. Household
    19. School and Education
    20. The Hiuman Body
    21. Physical appearance
    22. Feelings, emotions, moods
    23. Human qualities
    24. Health and Illness
    25. Weather
    26. Culture and Entertainment
    27. Media
    28. Communication
    29. Crime
    30. Death and Funeral
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