An ni Bảo bối - Annie Baobei (安妮宝贝)

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    Annie Baobei (安妮宝贝), real name Li Jie, is the most talked about and widely read female author in China, nicknamed ‘Flower in the Dark’ since her stories detail the loneliness and isolation of Chinese urbanites. Her candid yet sensitive reflections on contemporary city life have significantly influenced the generation of Chinese readers born during and after the 1980s. ‘I write for kindred souls,’ she once said.

    Annie Baobei made her debut with the short story collection Goodbye Vivien, which sold over half a million copies, and followed up with the bestselling novels The Flower across the Bank and Two and Three Matters.

    Her current bestselling novel, Lotus, is an emotionally charged love story set in Tibet. It has sold over half a million copies, and was the bestselling novel in China for weeks after it was published. She lives in Beijing, writing novels and essays as well as contributing regularly to Chinese magazines including Harvest, Writers and Elle.

    In 2014, Annie Baobei announced on her Weibo, "Anni Baobei changes pen name into Qing Shan
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