PDF Atlas of Airway Management: Techniques and Tools (2nd Edition)

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    Atlas of Airway Management: Techniques and Tools (2nd Edition) by Steven L. Orebaugh, Paul E. Bigeleisen
    English | 2011 | ISBN: 1451103395 | 432 Pages | PDF | 74.9 MB

    Successful airway management demands strict attention to anatomic detail and the ability to tailor management strategies to each patient’s illness and presentation. With the Atlas of Airway Management, readers will discover a clinically focused, abundantly illustrated guide to relevant anatomy, as well as the latest tools and proven techniques in the field.

    The Second Edition of this respected resource presents an improved and enlarged text—along with new sections on pediatric applications, bronchoscopy, special airway considerations in the emergency room and the ICU, and post-intubation care issues. Coverage of new and emerging techniques includes material on noninvasive ventilation and high-frequency jet ventilation.
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