PDF Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD3

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    Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD3

    Danh sách giáo trình:

    (CBOT Pamphlet) Mini-sized Dow - Trading the market's measure.pdf
    04. Derivatives.pdf
    07. Continuity Derivatives and All That.pdf
    2_Finance Application of Game Theory.pdf
    A Monte Carlo Method For Optimal Portfolios.pdf
    A Theory Of Non-Gaussian Option Pricing.pdf
    Active Trader - Putting Volatility to Work (Jain).pdf
    Asset Allocation and Derivatives, with Martin Haugh .pdf
    Asset Pricing With Speculative Trading.pdf
    Asset Valuation & Allocation Models.pdf
    Bass Financial Mathematics (Lectures).pdf
    Bayesian Analysis of the Stochastic Switching Reg Model Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods.pdf
    beninga wiener term structure of interest rate.pdf
    Berstain_trading _futures_slaba.pdf
    Chemmanur - 1994 - Investment bank reputation, information production, and financial intermediati.pdf
    comex law.pdf
    Connors, Larry - Extreme Volatility Trading.pdf
    Davies, J.W. - Trading Options using Bollinger Bands And Cci (Art Di S&C).pdf
    Delta Vega Hedging.pdf
    Derivatives & Leibniz formula.doc
    Deutsche Bank - Asset Valuation & Allocation Models.pdf
    Deutsche Mark - Dollar Volatility.pdf
    Developing a Trader System Combining Stochastic RSI And Bollinger Bands.pdf
    Evolutionary Decision Trees For Stock Index Options And Futures Arbitrage.pdf
    Finance - Continuous Time Methods in Finance.pdf
    Finance - Naive Trading Rules in Financial Markets and Wiener-Kolmogor.pdf
    Finance - W. D. Gann - Mathematical formula for market predictions.pdf
    Financial Algorithms in C++.pdf
    Financial Mathematics (Bass).pdf
    Financial Models in Excel - volatility.pdf
    Forex, Foreign Exchange, Currency, Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave Theory, Trading Guide.pdf
    Foundations of portfolio theory - Markowitz (Journal of finance Vol. 46 Is. 2-1991).pdf
    Fractional Brownian motion in finance and queuening.pdf
    Gann, W.D. - New Stock Trend Detector.pdf
    Global Finance and Financial Engineering.doc
    Hedging in the Possible Presence of Unspanned Stochastic Volatility Evidence from Swaption Market.pdf
    How to Use Implied Volatility.doc
    Interest Rate Volatility, Capital Controls, And Contagion.pdf
    Jia-Liang Hsieh Monte Carlo Approaches for Pricing Multi-Asset Options.pdf
    JSTOR - Some Quantitative Tests for Stock Price Generating Models and Trading Folklore (Osborne).pdf
    Kalyvas, Efstathios - Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms to Predict Stock Market Return.pdf
    Kase, Cynthia - Redefining Volatility and Position Risk.pdf
    Knowledge Representation For Stochastic Decision Processes.pdf
    Kolmogorov Complexity-Algorithmic Complexity and Stochastic Properties of Finite Binary Sequences.pdf
    Large Deviations for Stochastic Processes-J.Feng,G.Kurtz.pdf
    Law of the Euler scheme for stochastic differential equations (Bally, Talay).pdf
    Market Making and Reversal on the Stock Exchange.pdf
    Market Volatility Prediction and the Efficiency of the S&P 100 Index Option Market.pdf
    Markov Chain Monte Carlo Without Likelihoods.pdf
    Martingale Limit Theory and Stochastic Regression Theory.pdf
    Mathematics - Numerical Recipes In C For Finance.pdf
    Merton, Robert - Theory of Rational Option Pricing.pdf
    Model Risk in Stochastic Investment Modelling.pdf
    MR Finance - Multiresolution Analysis of Time Series.pdf
    Neftci, S. - Naive Trading Rules in Financial Markets and Wiener-Kolmogorov Prediction Theory.pdf
    On the Detection and Estimation of Long Memory in Stochastic Volatility.pdf
    Pricing Stock Options Under Stochastic Vol. and Interest Rates with Efficient Method of Moments E.PDF
    Pricing Stock Options Under Stochastic Volatility and Interest Rates with Efficient MME(1999).PDF
    quantitative methods in credit management rosenberg and gleit.pdf
    Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Finance.pdf
    Real Analysis, Quantitative Topology, And Geometric Complexity (Semmes).pdf
    Richard J. Sweeney - Beating the Foreign Exchange Market.pdf
    Robust Kalman filters for linear time varying systems with stochastic parametric uncertainties.pdf
    Solnik (1983) - International Arbitrage Pricing Theory.pdf
    Stochastic Calculus For Finance.pdf
    Stochastic Calculus With Applications To Finance, Pde, And Potential Theory (Math323) (Bass).pdf
    Stochastic Optimal Control In Finance.pdf
    Stochastic Volatility and GARCH.pdf
    Tapley - Mathematics of Finance - Money and Time.pdf
    The beginning of the Monte Carlo method.pdf
    The Impact of Jumps in Volatility & Returns.pdf
    The interaction between the frequency of Market quotes spread and Volatility in FOREX.pdf
    the price of a smile, hedging and spanning in option market.pdf
    The Risk in Fixed Income Hedge Fund Styles.pdf
    The Valuation of Options on Capacity.pdf
    Uncertainty Of Measurements In Calibration Ea-4-02Ny.pdf
    University of Hamburg Reporting on Financial Derivatives from a Law and Economics Perspective.pdf
    Valuation Of Multi Names Credit Derivatives.pdf
    Variability and Volatility in Financial Markets.pdf
    Variance Reduction Of Monte Carlo And Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo Estimators For Stochastic Vol.pdf
    Volatility Of Stock Return.pdf
    Wharton Business School - Finance Application of Game Theory.pdf
    Why does stock market volatility change over time.pdf
    [Article] Gaussian derivatives.pdf
    [Article] Iding - When to Buy and Sell Using the Stochastic Oscillator.pdf
    [Article] Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties.pdf
    [Article_Financial Mathematics] - FINANCIAL_MATHEMATICS.PDF
    [Article_Financial Mathematics] - Foundations of Technical Analysis (Lo, Andrew etc.).pdf
    [Article_Quantitatives] - Dynamic Copula Models For Miltivariate High Frequency Data In Finance.pdf
    [Article_Quantitative] - Analysis of High Frequency Financial Data With S-Plus.pdf
    [Article_Quantitative] - Valuation of Multi Names Credit Derivatives.pdf
    [Article_Trading] Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties.pdf
    [Options_Article] Harvey, Campbell - Market Volatility Prediction.pdf
    [Trading Guide] - Technical Analysis Applications for the Currency Markets - Jared F. Martinez.pdf

    (ebook - pdf) Matlab C++ Math Library Reference v2.1.pdf
    Dynamic programming (Mathematica edition).pdf
    Financial Instrument Pricing using c++ (Daniel J. Duffy).iso
    Matlab - A Brief Intro To Financial Engineering.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Financial Analysis With Excel (open).pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Microsoft Excel 2000 Guide.pdf
    Regression Models For Categorical Dependent Variables USING STATA.pdf
    Wiley Financial Instrument Pricing Using C++.chm
    [eBookWorm PDF]---MATLAB Programming Style Guidelines.pdf
    [Financial Mathematics] - Matlab Financial Derivatives Toolbox User's Guide.pdf
    Amram Martha - Value Sweep Mapping Corporate Growth Opportunities (2002).pdf
    Dmitri Koulikov- Long Memory Models For Volatility Financial Data Econometrics (2004).pdf
    Dupacova J., Hurt J., Stepan J. Stochastic Modeling in Economics and Finance (2002).djvu
    Real Options Analysis Coursebusiness Cases And Software Applications (2003).pdf
    Stochastic methods in economics and finance - Malliaris A.G. (Elsevier, 1982)(T)(C)(317s).djvu
    [ Applied Math] - Radford M. Neal - Probabilistic Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods (1993).pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] - Kenneth H Shaleen - Technical Analysis & Options Strategies.pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] - Kolb, Robert - Understanding Options (1995).PDF
    [Finance - Derivatives] Dennis Eise - Using Options To Buy Stocks (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] Gallacher William - The Options Edge Winning The volatility Game (1999).pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] Irwin - Options Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies (1995).pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] J. Hull - Options, Futures and Other Derivative Securities - 2nd Ed (1993.pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] John Hull - Options, futures and other derivative securities - 5th ed (20.pdf
    [Finance - Derivetives] John Hull - Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets 4th ed - slides.pdf
    [Finance - Hedging] ROBERT JAEGER - All About Hedge Funds The Easy Way to Get Started (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Mathematics] Don L. McLeish - Monte Carlo Methods in Finance.pdf
    [Finance - Mathematics] Peter Jackel - Monte Carlo Methods in Finance.pdf
    [Finance - Math] David Luenberger - INVESTMENT SCIENCE - Best Financial Engineering Book (1998).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Abrams Jay B. - Quantitative Business Valuation (2001).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Cochrane - Asset Pricing Models (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Connolly - Buying and Selling Volatility.pdf
    [Finance - Math] - CRC Press - REIN LUUS - Iterative Dynamic Programming (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Gupta Vijay - Financial Analysis Using Excel (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Michael Harrison & Patrick Waldron - Mathematical Economics and Finance (1998).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Pavel Cizeck - Statistical tools in Finance.pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Steven Shreve - Stochastic Calculus and Finance (1996).pdf
    [Finance - Math] - Wilmott, Paul - The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives (1995).PDF
    [Finance - Math] Berkelay lecture - Lawrence - Introduction To Stochastic Differential Equations.pdf
    [Finance - Math] Chiang - Fundamental Methods of Math Economics 3rd Ed (1984).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Edited by S.T. Rachev - Handbook of Heavy Tailed Distributions in Finance (2003.pdf
    [Finance - Math] Financial Econometrics (Lecture).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Jesper Lund - Dynamic Models of Term Structure of Interest (1993).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Lecture - Ruppert - Financial Engineering.pdf
    [Finance - Math] McGraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Charting in Excel (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Math] McGraw.Hill - Excel VBA Macro Programming (2004).chm
    [Finance - Math] Oliver Linton - Financial Econometrics (Lecture).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Ralph Vince - The Mathematics of Money Management (1992).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Rini W A - Mathematics Of The Securities Industry (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Steven Shreve - Stochastic Calculus and Finance(1997).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Wiley - Tsay - Analysis of Financial Time Series (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Wiley -Jaeckel Peter - Monte-Carlo methods in finance (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Wolfgang Hoardle - Applied Quantitative Finance (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Math] Yang Chen - Bayesian Time Series Financial Models And Spectral Analysis (1997).pdf
    [Finance - Math]- Paul Wilmott - Quantative Finance (1997).pdf
    [Finance - Math]Costas Courcoubetis - Pricing Communication Networks (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Math]LEIGH S. - Essential Technical Analysis Tools and Techniques to Spot Market Trend.pdf
    [Finance - Personal] McGraw Hill - Osborne Media - The Personal Finance Calculator (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Trading] Mendelsohn, Louis B. - Trend Forecasting with Technical Analysis (2000).pdf
    [Finance] Options - Essential Concepts and Trading Strategies (1995).pdf
    DerivaGem for Excel.exe
    Berg, Jim - Trading With Volatility Indicators.doc
    Finance - Prudential Financial Research - Stock Valuation Models.pdf
    Interest Rate Derivatives.doc
    [Excellent] Matlab Financial Derivatives Toolbox User's Guide.pdf
    dictionary of finance and business term.doc
    John Wiley - The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, 3rd Edition [www.goldenkey.edu.vn].pdf
    McGraw-Hill & Irwin - 2001 - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - 3rd Edition_www.goldenkey.edu.vn.pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Charting In Excel.pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Financial Analysis With Excel.pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Financial Analysis With Excel2.pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Microsoft Excel 2000 Guide.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Finance - Statistical Analysis With Excel.pdf
    Mcgraw-Hill - Briefcase Books - Finance For Non-Financial Managers.pdf
    McGraw-Hill,.Investments, 5th Edition - Vol I.[2001.ISBN0072503661].pdf
    McGraw-Hill,.Investments, 5th Edition - Vol II.[2001.ISBN0072503661].pdf
    VJ Books - Finance Using Excel.pdf
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