PDF Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD5

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    Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD5

    Danh sách giáo trình:
    2_Hubbard - Investment under uncertainty_ keeping one's option.pdf
    An Examination of Own Account Trading by Dual Traders in Futures Markets.pdf
    An Overview of the Project Finance Market.pdf
    Article - Finance - Business Valuation In Emerging Markets.pdf
    Artto_Project Portfolio Management.pdf
    Black Scholes Option Pricing - Dynamic Chart.xls
    Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model.pdf
    Borrowers, Lenders And the Asian Financial Crisis -- The 'Moral Hazard'.pdf
    Cheney - Full Financial Disclosure 2002.pdf
    Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance.pdf
    Economics - How The Stock Market Works.pdf
    Exercise - Investment Appraisal.xlt
    Finance - Capital Markets And Portfolio Theory.pdf
    Finance - Return On Investment.pdf
    Finance - Stock-Market Patterns and Financial Analysis.pdf
    Finance - The Agile Manager's Guide to Understanding Financial Statements.pdf
    Finance - The eBook of Technical Market Indicators.pdf
    Finance Application of Game Theory.pdf
    Forecasting Financial Markets Using Neural Networks.pdf
    Forecasts of Future Price, Unbiased Markets and 'Martingale' Model.pdf
    Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis (Collins) - 2003 - (By Laxxuss).pdf
    Gann,WD-Scientific Stock Forecasting.pdf
    Hedging and Coordinated Management.pdf
    High Loan-to-Value-Mortgage-Lending.pdf
    Investment Performance and Investor Behavior.pdf
    Is Technical Analysis in the Foreign Exchange Market Profitable.pdf
    Lehman Currency Hedging in Fixed Income Portfolios.pdf
    McGraw Hill-Briefcase Books-Finance For Non-Financial Managers.pdf
    McKinsey Quarterly - How to Win in a Financial Crisis.pdf
    Nationalizing Mortgage Risk.pdf
    nylund01_value at risk.pdf
    Peter J. Knez & Mark J. Ready - Estimating the Profits from Trading Strategies.pdf
    Prudential Financial - Stock Valuation Models.pdf
    Risk _ Uncertainty_ and Profit.doc
    Speculative Investor Behavior in a Stock Market with Heterog.pdf
    Stockmarket - Increasing Valuation In Bear Market.pdf
    The Noise Trader Approach to Finance.pdf
    Turning Finance Into Science - Risk Management And The Black-Scholes Options Pricing Model.pdf
    Understanding Cash Flow.pdf
    Understanding Opportunities and Risks in Futures Trading.doc
    Using Derivatives in Management.pdf
    [Article] The Cost Of Capital, Corporation Finance And The Theory Of Investment.pdf
    [Article_Quantitatives] Goldman Sachs-Fixed Income Research.pdf
    [Article_Trading Analysis] Stocks & Commodities - Various Trend Trading Articles.pdf
    [The Journal of Finance] - The Predictive Power of Stock Market Indicators.pdf
    [The Journal Of Finance] - Understanding Momentum Stock Trading Strategies.pdf
    Chapter 1 A Model of the Accumulation and Allocation of Wealth by Individuals.pdf
    Chapter 2 Extension of the Model to Durable Commodities Production.pdf
    Chapter 3 Criteria For Optimal Investment Decsions.pdf
    Chapter 4 Financing Decisions, Investment Decisions, and the Cost of Capital.pdf
    Chapter 5 The Expected Utility Approach to the Problem of Choice under Uncertainty.pdf
    Chapter 6 The Two Period Consumption Investment Model.pdf
    Chapter 8 Multiperiod Models.pdf
    The Theory of Finance Preface and Table of Contents.pdf
    Boucher, Mark - The Hedge Fund Edge - Maximum Profit Minimum Risk Global Trend Trading Strategies.pdf
    Capstone Global Finance (2002).pdf
    Charles H. Brandes - Value Investing Today (2004).pdf
    Financial Times Prentice Hall - Mutual Funds.chm
    HAROLD - Private Equity - Transforming Public Stock to Create Value (2003).pdf
    Helfert, Erich A. Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques a Guide for Managers (2001).pdf
    Myers & Richard A. Brealey - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance - 3rd ed (2001).pdf
    Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad.pdf
    Ross - Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance Vol 1 (Complete).pdf
    Valuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies - 3rd edition (2000).pdf
    W.D. Gann Master Commodities Course.pdf
    [Banking] Rothbard, Murray - The Mystery Of Banking (1983).pdf
    [Finance - Astrology] Hitt , Robert - Financial Astrology and Technical Analysis (1997).pdf
    [Finance - Accounting] Wiley- Finance and Accounting - Livingstone & Grossman (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Amalysis] Mcgraw Hill - John Muphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets (1999.pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] ERICH A. HELFERT- Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] - Wiley - BRUCE J. FEIBEL - Investment Performance Measurement (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Damodaran - Investment Valuation 2nd edition.pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Dearborn- Michael Thomsett - Mastering Fundamental Analysis (1998).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Ernst & Young - Business Analysys and Valuation (1997).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Fabozzi Frank J. - Handbook of Equity Style Management- 3rd ed (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Fabozzi, Frank - Financial Management And Analysis - 2nd ed (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Friedlob, George T. - Essentials Of Financial Analysis (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Introduction to Financial Reporting & Analysis.PDF
    [Finance - Analysis] John Wiley & Sons - Introduction to Financial Reporting & Analysis (2003).PDF
    [Finance - Analysis] McGraw Hill - John S. Tjia - Building Financial Models (2004).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] McGraw-Hill - Brealey & Myers - Financial Analysis With Excel (2003).PDF
    [Finance - Analysis] McGraw-Hill - Business Analysis and Valuation, Text and Cases (2003).PDF
    [Finance - Analysis] McGraw-Hill - Donald G. - The New Reality Of Wall Street (2004).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] McGraw.Hill- Michael Sincere - Understanding Stocks (2004).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] New Era Value Investing (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] NY Institute - Murphy John - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets (1.pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Process Improvement For Effective Budgeting And Financial Reporting(2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Russian - Schwager, Jack D - Technical Analysis.pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Unkown - How To Read a Financial Report.pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Wiley - George T. Friedlob - Essentials Of Financial Analysis (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Analysis] Wiley- Michel Fleuriet - Finance A Fine Art (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Coporate] CRAIG W. HOLDEN - Spreadsheet Modeling In Corporate Finance.pdf
    [Finance - Corporate] Ross - Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Vol. I - 6th ed (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Corporate] An Overview of Corporate Finance and the Financial Environment (200x).PDF
    [Finance - Corporate] Brealey & Myers - Principles Of Corporate Finance 6Th Edition Slides (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Corporate] Citibank - Basics of Coporate Finance (1994).pdf
    [Finance - Corporate] Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe - Corporate Finance Vol. II - 6th ed (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Corporate] Wiley - GEORGE NORTON III - Valuation - Maximizing Corporate Value (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Credit Rating] AAA Credit Secrets (200x).pdf
    [Finance - Crimes] Jerry Iannacci - Access Device Fraud and Related Financial Crimes (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Derivatives] Mark Rubinstein - Rubinstein on Derivatives (1999).pdf
    [Finance - Dictionary] - Dictionary Of Financial And Business Terms.pdf
    [Finance - FX] Fabozzi, Frank - The Global Money Markets (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Guidebook] CDNX - Corporate Finance Manual (2001).pdf
    [Finance - Investment] HarperCollins - Ahead of the Market (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Investment] Dearborn - Secure Your Financial Future Investing in Real Estate (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Investment] Mcgraw Hill - Charles M. LaLoggia - The Superstock Investor (2001).pdf
    [Finance - Investment] Wiley - Frank Reynolds - Credit Portfolio Management (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Investment] Wiley - Linda Mead - Investing with Giants Tried and True Stocks (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Management] Financial Management.PDF
    [Finance - Management] Wiley - CHARLES SMITHSON - Credit Portfolio Management (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Management]Rob Reider - Managing Cash Flow An Operational Focus (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Modeling] CRAIG W. HOLDEN - Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance.pdf
    [Finance - Quantitatives] JAY B. ABRAMS - Quantitative Business Valuation (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Real Estate] Joseph Lee - Real Estate Finance (2002).pdf
    [Finance - Ref.] Wiley - Eva Lang- Best Websites for Financial Professionals 2nd Ed.pdf
    [Finance - Securities] - Elaine Scott - Stocks and Bonds (1984).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Market] WILLIAM RINI- Fundamentals of the Securities Industry (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] - Insider's Guide to Trading the World's Stock Markets (2001).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] Barry Rudd - Stock Patterns For Day Trading And Swing Trading (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] DREMAN David - Contrarian Investment Strategies (1998).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] Harper Business - Stock Market Wizards (Jack Schwager).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] JAMES SAGNER - Real World of Finance (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] JEFFREY OWEN KATZ - The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies.pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading] Willam J. O'Neil. How to Make Money in Stocks (1995).pdf
    [Finance - Stock Trading]Conway, Mark R. - Professional Stock Trading (2003).pdf
    [Finance - Theory] John Campbell - Strategic asset allocation (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Theory] Stephen F. LeRoy - Principles of Financial Economics (2001).pdf
    [Finance - Trading] Investment Psychology Explained Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets (2000).pdf
    [Finance - Trading] Wiley - Intermarket Technical Analysis (1991).pdf
    [Finance - Valuation]Cary Gray - Streetsmart Guide To Valuing A Stock 2nd ed (2004).pdf
    [Finance] Clothing For The Naked Investor.pdf
    [Finance] John A. Tracy - MBA in Finance - 2rd ed (2002).pdf
    [Finance] Mcgraw Hill - Donald G. M. Coxe - The New Reality Of Wall Street (2003).pdf
    [Finance] Napoleon Hill - Think And Grow Rich (Recommended By David Deangelo).pdf
    [Physics] Joseph Editor - Real-time Systems Specification Verification and Analysis (2001).pdf
    McKinsey On finance (n_3, Winter 2002).pdf
    McKinsey On Finance (n_5, Autumn 2002).pdf
    McKinsey On Finance (n°1, Summer 2001).pdf
    Handbook of Modern Finance.pdf
    [Trading eBook] Managing Global Financial Risk Using Currency Futures and Currency Options.pdf
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