PDF Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD7

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    Bộ giáo trình học kinh tế, tài chính của các trường Đại Học Mỹ CD7

    Danh sách giáo trình:

    Applied Biostat (2004).pdf
    Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis (2994).pdf
    Applied Nonparametric Regression (1994).pdf
    Applied Stochastic Processes.pdf
    Bayesian Models And Logistic Regression.pdf
    Bichteler - Stochastic Integration And Differential Equation.pdf
    Cherny, Englebert - Singular Stochastic Differential Equations (2004).pdf
    COMPSTAT 2002 - Proceedings in Computational Statistics.pdf
    Computer-Aided Introduction to Econometrics (2003).pdf
    Handbook of Computational Statistics (2004).pdf
    Hoppensteadt F C - Analysis And Simulations Of Chaotic Systems 2Ed (2000).pdf
    Implied volatility functions - emperical tests.pdf
    Introduction to Statistics of Financial Markets.pdf
    Kurtz T.G. Lectures on stochastic analysis (2001).pdf
    Measuring Risk in Complex.pdf
    Sam Howison - Practical Applied Mathematics-Modelling, Analysis, Approximation (2003).pdf
    Sanders, Verhulst. Averaging methods in nonlinear dynamical systems (Springer, 1985)(L)(128s).pdf
    Shadlen, Michael - Introduction to Stochastic Processes.pdf
    Stochastic And Partial Differential Equations With Adapted Numerics.pdf
    Stochastic Programming - 1st ed.pdf
    van der Put M., Singer M. - Galois Theory of Linear Differential Equations (2003).pdf
    [Applied Mathematics] Dirk van Dalen - Logic and Structure 2nd ed (1994).pdf
    [Applied Mathematics] Perko L. - Differential equations and dynamical systems (1991).pdf
    [Applied Mathematics] Springer - Jun Shao - Mathematical Statistics (1999).pdf
    [Applied Mathemetics] J. M. Borwein Convex Analysis And Nonlinear Optimization.pdf
    [Applied Mathemetics] MIT Press - Applied Optimal Estimation 16th Printing(2001).pdf
    ( EBOOK - PDF - ENG ) Applications of linear algebra ( Mathematic ).pdf
    (ebook - Mathematics) An Introduction To Statistical Analysis.pdf
    (ebook - PDF - ENG) - Math - Advanced Calculus and Analysis.pdf
    (Ebook - Pdf - Eng) - Math - Linear Algebra.pdf
    (ebook - PDF - Mathematics) Applications of linear algebra to differential equation.pdf
    (ebook Math) - Mathematical Method of Engineering Analysis.pdf
    (ebook pdf) Computer Architecture A Quantitative Approach 3rd Edition !!! NEW distilled !!!.pdf
    (eBook) - Science - Hidden Markov Models and Large Scale Genome Analysis (Eddy).pdf
    (ebook) Discrete Math, Optimization.pdf
    (Ebook) Statistical Analysis With Excel.pdf
    (ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Getting Started with Mathematica.pdf
    (ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Introduction to Dynamic Games.pdf
    11 - Partial Derivatives.pdf
    Advanced Calculus with Applications in Statistics - A. Khuri 2003 (Wiley).pdf
    Berman. Galois theory of linear ODEs (phd thesis)(157s).pdf
    Chaichian - A Path integrals in physics - vol.1 Stochastic processes and quantum mechanics.pdf
    Convergence of Stochastic Processes.pdf
    Craig Boutilier Knowledge Representation for Stochastic Decision Processes.pdf
    CRC Press - A Primer for the Monte Carlo Method.pdf
    Dependency Analysis in The Workflow Model.pdf
    Euler L. Foundations of Differential Calculus (Springer,2000)(ISBN 0387985344)(211s).pdf
    Fundamentals of the Monte Carlo Method for Neutral and Charged Particle Transport.pdf
    Introduction to Stochastic Processes.pdf
    Jaulin-Kieffer-Didrit-Walter_Applied Interval Analysis (Springer).pdf
    John Nash - PhD Thesis.pdf
    John Wiley & Sons - Principles of Random Signal Analysis.pdf
    Kluwer Academic - Synthesis.And.Optimization.Of.DSP.Algorithms.May.2004.eBook-DDU.pdf
    Linear Programming With Matlab.pdf
    Markov Chains & Stochastic Stability(1).pdf
    Math.Wiley.Calculus, Volume 1.pdf
    Mathematics - Game Theory - Using Game Theory to Shape Strategy (1995 Harvard Review).pdf
    Mathematics - Linear Algebra (Prentice-Hall, Edition 2, 1971) 415P.pdf
    Mathematics - Selected Chapter - Stochastic Simulation Markov Chains.pdf
    Matrix Analysis & Applied Linear Algebra.pdf
    Matrix Analysis And Applied Linear Algebra.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Schaum's Easy Outlines - Differential Equations.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Advanced Calculus.pdf
    McGraw-Hill - Schaum's Outlines - Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables--.pdf
    Monte Carlo Simulation In The Stochastic Analysis Of Non-Linear Systems.pdf
    Nash_Compact Numerical Methods for Computers - Linear Algebra.pdf
    Oksendal B. Stochastic differential equations (5ed, Springer, 2000)(332s).pdf
    Pivato - Stochastic Processes.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Foundations of Calculus.pdf
    Prentice Hall - Kenneth Hoffmann and Ray Kunze - Linear Algebra, 2nd Edition.pdf
    Principles of Random Signal Analysis and low noise design(Wiley) - HOWARD.pdf
    Schiff J.L. Laplace Transformation.. Theory and Applications (1999).pdf
    Semiparametric Bayesian Inference for Stochastic Frontier.pdf
    Stochastic Methods fof Physics.pdf
    Stochastic Process Limits.pdf
    Stochastic Processes (Stanford Lecture).pdf
    The Mathematica Book - 5thEd (By Stephen Wolfram).pdf
    The Work of John Nash in Game Theory.pdf
    W lodzimierz Bryc - Applied Probability and Stochastic Processes (Lecture).pdf
    Wiley - Simulation.The.Practice.of.Model.Development.and.Use.pdf
    [Mathematics] - Handbook Of Mathematical Functions 1058 Pages.pdf
    [Mathematics] Wiley - Olver P.J., Shakiban C - Applied mathematics (2004).pdf
    [Math] Mcgraw-Hill - Advanced Calculus (Schaum'S Outlines, 442 Pages), 2Nd Ed (2002).pdf
    [Math_ebook] Congdon P. Applied Bayesian Modelling (Wiley,2002).pdf
    [Math_ebook] Han-Fu Chen Stochastic Approximation And Its Application (Kluwer,2002).pdf
    [text] nash equilibrium theory.pdf
    10 08 Numerical Recipes (Linear Programming And Simplex Method).pdf
    eBook(Finance) Murphy, John J. - High Probability Chart Reading.pdf
    Econometrics Of Efficient Portfolios - C Gouriéroux, A Montfort 2003.pdf
    Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics, H. Bierens.pdf
    Linear Models Statistic.pdf
    Mathematics - Introduction to Probability Theo.pdf
    Statistics - Correlation, Linear Regression, and Logistic Regression.pdf
    Statistics - Maximum Likelihood Estimation For Generalized Linear Models.pdf
    (eBook) Applied Econometrics using MATLAB.pdf
    (ebook)(dsp) IEEE Signal - Efficient Least Squares Adaptive Algorithms for FIR Transversal Filter.pdf
    Computer-Aided Introduction to Econometrics .pdf
    Davidson & MacKinnon 1999 Foundations of Econometrics.pdf
    eBooks - Math - Statistics - An Introduction To Statistical Inference And Data Analysis.pdf
    Economics & Statistics - Statistical Foundations of Economic Modeling.pdf
    Frank Reynolds - Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers (2004).pdf
    Global Optimization For Constrained Nonlinear Programming.pdf
    Lange K - Applied Probability (2003).pdf
    Loader C. Local Regression and Likelihood (Springer, 1999)(305s).pdf
    Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles.pdf
    Schaum's Outlines Series - Probability, Random Variables and Random Processes.pdf
    Statistics - Markov Chains & Stochastic Stability.pdf
    Wiley Bayesian Econometrics.pdf
    [eBook] Ross, Sheldon M - Introduction To Probability Models (Sixth Ed).pdf
    [Stat] Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics.pdf
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