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    Choices meets the challenge of motivating older teenagers who need to achieve academic and educational goals in a modern world.

    Combining contemporary, cultural and educational topics with a wide range of digital, online (MyEnglishLab) and print material, Choices gives teachers the power to adapt to their classrooms, while the authentic BBC and Channel 4 video clips keep interest levels high and boredom factors low!

    • 10 thematic modules each divided into sections:
    - Topic Talk (opening page) - networks that provide guided choice by marrying functional language with lexical items
    - Grammar Skills
    - Writing Workshop
    - Speaking Workshop

    • Text Builder in units for process writing
    • Grammar Practice - Grammatical structures compared and contrasted. Students trained in choosing forms that best express given meanings and intentions
    • Language Review/Self Assessment every second module. Revision exercises where students check their answers and use a feedback guide to choose what they need to practise more
    • Listening with two levels of difficulty (slow speed and authentic speed) catering for different levels of students. Also gives the option of listening to the more difficult version after students have listened to the easier level
    • Culture Choice - 6 x lessons at back of Students' Book every two units which include cultural input, literature, songs and projects
    • At the back of the Students' Book:
    - Skills Builder - while doing listening, reading, writing and communicative activities, learners are given suport with strategies and language
    - Culture Choice (optional lessons which present reading texts, poems and songs with projects related to the students' own culture)
    - Language Choice booklet (further practice of vocabulary and grammar with a reference section for each language point that is presented)
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