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    You can make payment then contact admin for the upgrade.

    The VIP fee:

    - 3 days VIP: 7 USD

    - 1 week VIP:
    13 USD

    - 1 month VIP:
    19 USD

    - 3 months VIP:
    27 USD

    - 6 months VIP:
    43 USD

    *** Life Time VIP (forever): 150 USD

    Payment method: Via Paypal: LINK PAYPAL
    - Then tell us your account name and payment info. We'll set your VIP account in few minutes for downloading.
    Admin contact details: Mobile phone: +84 988-674-911 (viber/ Whatsapp / Telegram) Email: or just PM admin in the forum.

    2 . Alternative Methods: Western Union, Money Gram
    Please email us what kind of VIP you want, We will email you the details about payment (always in few minutes).
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