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    Improve Your Conversation Skills Quickly and Have a Lot of Fun1
    This course will help students improve their conversational skills and become better at English in a very short time. It is intended for people who are looking to get conversation practice, but do not have enough access to other English speakers or who do not understand how to get better. This course includes a combination of instructional videos, example conversations, and many sets of questions. To complete the course materials it will only take a few hours, but the material is so fun that speaking to others in English will become something that you will want to do for the rest of your life. The course is separated into different sections that will teach you how to get better at English conversation, some examples of conversations and questions, and then many sets of questions to use when you practice with other students. The main reason people should take this course is it is a really fun way to improve their conversational skills. I know that studying English can be boring and difficult sometimes, but the way I teach people to get better at conversation allows their sense of fun and sense of humor to spread around the class so everyone has a great time while getting better. If this sounds like it would be a good way to improve, then I suggest you take this course.
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