PDF Micropropagation of Orchids: 3 Volume Set, 3rd Edition

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    Tim Wing Yam and Joseph Arditti, "Micropropagation of Orchids: 3 Volume Set, 3rd Edition"
    English | ISBN: 1119187052 | 2017 | 2368 pages | PDF | 150 MB

    Divided into three volumes, Micropropagation of Orchids Third Edition retains the exhaustive list of micropropagation protocols for many genera and updates each section to include new and/or revised information about:

    Culture media and vessels
    Techniques and procedures for both orchids which were previously cultured and for those which were not
    Plant hormones and growth regulators
    Media components
    Methods for tissue decontamination
    Historical information
    Procedures for the cultivation for plantlets which have been removed from flasks
    Sources of light and illumination methods
    Written by two globally acknowledged experts in the field, the third edition of this definitive text on the micropropagation of orchids is a detailed and comprehensive collection of procedures and methods for multiplying orchids, including organ, tissue, and cell culture techniques in vitro and is intended for researchers in plant science and propagation, professional and amateur orchid growers, and plant breeding professionals. Much of the general information about techniques and procedures can be applied to plants other than orchids.
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