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    What if you could Speak Italian Magically? If you are reading this, it means that YOU really want to speak Italian. Imagine YOU being already able to speak Italian and fluently, how would you feel? Excited, happy? Yes, of course! What if you could have fun and enjoy the learning process too? Wouldn't it be great? With Speak Italian Magically YOU will:
    * Travel to Italy and visit some of the most beautiful Italian cities!
    * Relax while learning new words and every day Italian Italian expressions!
    * Have fun with ten magic adventures into Italy and Italian, where the main carachter is YOU! * Begin to think in Italian!
    * Refresh Italian you might have learned previously! Speak Italian Magically features:
    * Accelerated learning methods to help you absorb the language faster
    * No memorization exercises
    * You can download 20 audio files for free to listen to each Italian adventure twice, bilingual and solo italiano version "I begin from the book cover. It really grabs you as a book is, winning, merry and also it has a flair graphic.You can really learn Italian magically and the secret is with the advice of the author when he says: 'Please remember to avoid listening to the audio-files while driving as they lead you in a state of relaxed alertness that speeds up the learning process'. At the beginning of every lesson infact the key word is 'relax' and there is a ritual for which one prepares himself to learn positively, without haste, without stress but naturally. Every lesson is a real situation. In my opinion we can use this method, which is the result of a thorough study by the author, with other languages too. Perhaps I will use it with my pupils. Congratulation Antonio, you made your best to implement your plans and carry them through out, good luck. Stay always like you are now.I loved it." Anna Romano Language Teacher in Italy A Q & A with the author Tell us about Speak Italian Magically in your own words. What is it about? The title says it all, doesn't it? It's a book for you to Speak Italian Magically! I know you may think that this is far fetched, but let me ask you something. Do you know that atlethes practice mental training before a performance? Do you know that they get better results when they imagine themself performing at their peak? Well, with Speak Italian Magically I wanted to give you a mental training where you will first imagine yourself both in the situation and the place speaking Italian very well...Then if you follow the guidelines, you will be actually speaking very well! Is there actually a science behind this approach? Yes, as I explain it thoroughly in the paragraph that you will find in the book. Do you know what the title of this paragraph is? The science behind Speak Italian Magically. Here you will find more about Lozanov and his suggestopedia, accelerated learning, Vera F. Birkenbihl, Stephen Krashen, James Asher and Tony Buzan's mind maps. What inspired you to write this book? 8 years ago when I started teaching Italian to foreigners I had a question. It was this: Is there a faster way to learn a language? Speak Italian Magically is my answer to that question. What's the best thing in this book? Speak Italian Magically will bring you in the wonderful places that we have here in Italy. So, At the same time you will experience Italian and living in a different country, all within your mind because I will guide you in a relaxed state where the learning is much improved. And I also recorded the audio in two versions, bilingual and only Italian version. Because I really think that once you understand the text you should practice with the only Italian version. Where can an Italian enthusiasth learn more about you and the book? Of course on the book website (speakitalianmagically.com) where you will find news, bonuses and tips to Speak Italian Magically!
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