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    Learn vocabulary with the SuperMemo method, unique algorithm of repetition whose effectiveness has been proven by scientific research. Français Extrême is a great complement to all the other ways of studying the French language. Learn fast and forget about forgetting!

    By learning for just 20 minutes a day, you can quickly master 25,000 words from all the language levels, divided into multiple practical categories. SPECIAL BONUS: 300 football terms in a separate course. Be ready for the 2012 hot topic - Football Championship!
    Content of the course:

    25,000 words
    150,000 exercises
    32,100 example sentences
    16,000 illustrations
    45 hours of recordings

    The package includes 6 courses:

    Grammaire française
    Verbe et prépositions
    Verbes irréguliers

    Expressions idiomatiques
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