PDF + Mp3 Target Listening with Dictation - Student Book 1

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    Target Listening with Dictation - Student Book 1

    Target Listening is a practical, engaging series that helps students improve overall communicative skills through listening tasks presented in natural conversational English. All activities incorporate focused, practical vocabulary words used in everyday situations. The vocabulary words are recycled throughout the series to reinforce learning. Real-life themes are presented through each unit exposing students to situations they encounter everyday outside of the classroom.
    Target Listening is beneficial in the classroom setting or in the home setting for students who need to prepare for English listening or speaking exams.

    + Features
    - Natural conversational English dialogs that represent real-life situations
    - Full-color vibrant photographs
    - Vocabulary words incorporated in a range of dialogs to reinforce comprehension
    - Simple and accessible language to build a foundation for listening
    - comprehension
    - Accompanying audio materials with transcripts
    - Accompanying dictation book to help students further enhance their listening abilities
    pdf + mp3 + transcripts + Answer keys : Bạn cần để tải tài liệu
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