PDF The Art of college admissions, Mark Lyon

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    The Art of college admissions, Mark Lyon
    313 pages

    As someone with experience on all sides of this issue — as a student, a university instructor, a college admissions counselor, and an application reader for the colleges — Mark believes that the relationship between admissions committees and admissions counselors doesn’t have to be a contentious one, and that we can all work together to place great students in great colleges and make sure that they succeed. In short, he wrote this book because he truly believes that, if done correctly, the college application process (and everything that surrounds it) can be a beautiful, enlightening experience. It can open up your mind to new, exciting avenues of thought, and help you see your full potential. The college application experience isn’t only about marketing yourself to the best colleges; it’s also about transforming you into the kind of person that the top colleges are looking for. It can help set you on a path in life to do something meaningful and important, and to do it now instead of sometime in the future. If you allow it to, the college application experience can encompass much more than the shallow issues of SAT scores and GPA.
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