ebook The Chess Toolbox: Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know

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    The Chess Toolbox: Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know by Thomas Willemze
    English | September 20th, 2018 | ISBN: 9056917978 | 400 Pages | EPUB | 34.71 MB

    In chess, as in repair or construction jobs, you will not get very far without the right equipment. If you want to win more games you simply need the right tools. Unfortunately, most amateur chess players have no toolbox to speak of. What’s more, they don’t even know which tools they actually need. Or what tools are available. If a chess hardware store would exist, most amateur chess players would be clueless what to ask for.

    International Master and experienced chess trainer Thomas Willemze is the handyman you are looking for. He tells you which are the most urgent problems that need fixing. In his no-nonsense guide, Willemze presents essential techniques on how to mobilize your pieces in order to gain the upper hand.

    The Chess Toolbox teaches you how to:
    • conquer an open file
    • eliminate an important defender
    • lift a blockade
    • get rid of an inferior piece
    • exploit the 7th rank
    • simplify your position (why and how)
    • fight for entrance squares
    • and much more.

    In order to make you feel comfortable and let you get used to these essential techniques, the author gives lots of fascinating examples and hundreds of instructive exercises. He even teaches you how to think outside your toolbox!
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