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    Wild Flowers (Dk Pocket Nature) by Neil Fletcher
    English | 2004 | ISBN : 0751338737 | PDF | 297 pages | 34,6 MB

    Flowering plants have evolved in different ways to cope with a wide variety of local conditions, adopting different lifestyles and developing different physical characteristics in order to compete for resources.

    Some plants, for example, are annuals, others perennials or biennials; most get their energy from photosynthesis, but some parasitize other plants or adopt a carnivorous lifestyle; some use tendrils to climb up towards the light, others develop tall stems to rise above surrounding vegetation. Each plant part has a specific function.

    For the vast majority, the leaves are the food factories that enable the plant to store energy; the roots provide anchorage and absorb water and essential minerals; and the flowers are the plant’s reproductive parts. Using the correct terms will add precision to your descriptions and help identification.

    This guide covers the 440 most commonly seen wild flower species in northwest Europe. At the beginning of the book is a short introduction which focuses on the process of identification in the field. For ease of access, the species are then organized into four chapters based on flower colour: Green–White, Yellow–Brown, Red–Pink, and Purple–Blue. Within these colour groups the flowers are broadly organized by family, so that similar plants are kept together for ease of comparison.

    Whether you are a flower fanatic or planning a trip in the countryside, this guide is an ideal home and field reference. From orchids to cowslips, learn about a wide-range of wild flowers with this clear and concise guide.
    With selections of wild flowers native to the UK and Europe, you can be sure that wherever you are, this guide will be an invaluable companion.
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